Monday, April 29, 2013


Subject_01_Scenario & Experiment

This is detail concept scenario. I mentioned in concept part, I want to make living sing(thing). But, what is the alive? The point is communication. I will make the REAL Living sing(thing)!! I will make the very weird  situation with very friendly appliance  around us. They do not react with electronic signal through cable. They communication with voice and sight like a person. They are real Living! It is not boring like a human interaction system. It is like a turing test between machines. Turing test is recognizing the ability level of A.I system with human. Is it funny?
Detail concept scenario (Turing test between machine)


I mentioned the detail concept scenario, this is the living sing(thing)'s part will be. So I make ear for hearing voice and sound from another thing. The visual is expressed to absorbing image and particle from outside because the ear is for hearing.

Making QC

Using image input & particle system
Sound volume peak  - image particle emitter

Sequence shot

"The EAR" with sound