Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Subject_01_Final installation "LIVING SING" - Perfect communication

This is Final installation movie. I want to speak thank-you to my professor Dave.

"Living Sing - Perfect communication"

Monday, June 10, 2013


Subject_01_Final process mov

This is final process showreel in 30seconds. This project start from think that making living thing reacting to sound(sing). I call "living sing" the parts. At last concept is making interaction between normal pc like a human. Just like a turing test. They can communication using sound, motion, hearing like a real living thing.

Final process mov


Subject_01_Making Mock-up & Installation test

This is First mock-up complete. I make with RC airplane parts, something like a joint, connecting rod, piano wire etc. My first crawl is the goal in model MKI. I test structure and motor working with connecting QC.

 Working mock-up MKI

Monday, June 3, 2013


Subject_01_Skin & Joint making for 3D Modeling Experiment

I remake joint and skin for final physical model in maya. And the model will be made by 3D Printing. It's shapes are motivated from the parts of Living things like a bone or skin or muscle. It can be mixed with previous interaction movie and represents interaction between two machine. And basic joint structure experiment for real modeling. It works well ,but I will concern about the width of joint if they are overlapped.

The making model

Experiment real joint with RC parts

Monday, May 27, 2013


Subject_01_Force effect simulation & Making

I experiment with force effect program that give condition making structure  more easier for diversity movement. And for making mockup model prepare elements with RC airplane parts,but connecting between two joint is not easy. So some parts or wire for stick together them are needed.

Force Effect Simulation

Simulation MOV

RC Parts For Making Mockup model

Making Mockup Model

Monday, May 20, 2013


Subject_01_Physical experiment (Structure simulation)

I experiment structure for making living structure like a walking or crawling something. So I refer to theo jansen's structure system. It work in one power system and this structure is very simple. I experiment the two types of acting. Walking & Crawling.

 Walking Joint structure in maya

This is walking joint structure. It is working in one motor system, and it can be 4 legs. I will develop physical structure based on this structure in maya experiment.

Walking structure Movie

Crawling Joint structure in maya

I experiment another acting crawl. It is working in one motor system too, and it can have 2 another direction branch in both side. I will think about another acting or more complicated structure.

Crawling structure Movie

I will use gear motor because the torque of original motor is too fast. For obtain proper the torque of motor speed, will use gear ratio 1:30 motor. And two physical structure arduino board will be installed each another PC.

Two structure test

Monday, May 6, 2013


Subject_01_Installation about physical +

How about QC + Arduino? I want to express the Living act with physical source plus. So I think about solenoid or motor with arduino using pc signal with connected. I experiment that the arduino signal turn on / off motor and connecting to pc. How about moving mouse or keyboard with motor or solenoid? It will be real moving in PC and another machine can see this motion like a human.

Experiment motor moving in arduino

Analog motor speed 0-255

  Analog moving Mov

Sending signal from QC to Arduino (Control motor)

By installation plan, I have to control motor with QC signal (this signal is made from sound and motion detecting in QC). So I experiment the simple signal like a keyboard interaction (arrow) in this patch. It can be changed variety signal with previous patch connected.

Sending signal Mov