Monday, May 20, 2013


Subject_01_Physical experiment (Structure simulation)

I experiment structure for making living structure like a walking or crawling something. So I refer to theo jansen's structure system. It work in one power system and this structure is very simple. I experiment the two types of acting. Walking & Crawling.

 Walking Joint structure in maya

This is walking joint structure. It is working in one motor system, and it can be 4 legs. I will develop physical structure based on this structure in maya experiment.

Walking structure Movie

Crawling Joint structure in maya

I experiment another acting crawl. It is working in one motor system too, and it can have 2 another direction branch in both side. I will think about another acting or more complicated structure.

Crawling structure Movie

I will use gear motor because the torque of original motor is too fast. For obtain proper the torque of motor speed, will use gear ratio 1:30 motor. And two physical structure arduino board will be installed each another PC.

Two structure test