Monday, May 6, 2013


Subject_01_Installation about physical +

How about QC + Arduino? I want to express the Living act with physical source plus. So I think about solenoid or motor with arduino using pc signal with connected. I experiment that the arduino signal turn on / off motor and connecting to pc. How about moving mouse or keyboard with motor or solenoid? It will be real moving in PC and another machine can see this motion like a human.

Experiment motor moving in arduino

Analog motor speed 0-255

  Analog moving Mov

Sending signal from QC to Arduino (Control motor)

By installation plan, I have to control motor with QC signal (this signal is made from sound and motion detecting in QC). So I experiment the simple signal like a keyboard interaction (arrow) in this patch. It can be changed variety signal with previous patch connected.

Sending signal Mov